How To Find The VIN Number on a Mobile Home in Arizona

Finding The VIN Number on a Mobile Home in Arizona If you own a mobile home in the state of Arizona, then you have a vehicle identification number (VIN). This multi-digit number is included on all manufactured homes in the United States, and it’s used to identify key property details. A VIN number on a … Continued

Maximizing Your Profit: How To Sell Your Mobile Home in Arizona

Selling a mobile home in Arizona can be lucrative but comes with unique challenges and considerations. Whether you’re selling with a mortgage, by the owner, with land, or without a realtor, understanding the process and market dynamics is crucial for maximizing your profit. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of sellers … Continued

How To Finance a Mobile Home In Arizona: Financing in 2023

Mobile Home Financing in Arizona Mobile home financing in Arizona can be complex, but understanding the available options can make achieving your dream of home ownership easier. This guide will provide valuable insights on how to finance a mobile home in Arizona, including financing options for different scenarios and considerations for individuals with poor credit. … Continued
Eviction Notice in Mobile Home Park - Arizona

What Happens To Your Mobile Home If You Get Evicted in Arizona?

Mobile Home Eviction in Arizona: What Happens to Your Home? When we talk about eviction, we often associate it with rental apartments or houses. But did you know that mobile home eviction is also a thing? And just like the traditional eviction process, mobile home eviction in Arizona can be pretty complicated. Let’s dive into … Continued

How to Fix Common Plumbing Issues in a Mobile Home in Arizona

Fix Your Plumbing in a Mobile Home in Arizona: A Comprehensive Guide As a mobile homeowner in Arizona, there are dozens of benefits to enjoy, including affordability and flexibility. However, mobile homes come with their share of maintenance needs, like any home. One of the more common issues involves plumbing. This article will guide you … Continued

Inspecting a Used Mobile Home in Arizona: What To Look For

Your Guide to Inspecting Used Mobile Homes in Arizona Purchasing a used mobile home in Arizona is an excellent decision for many people looking for affordable and flexible housing options. However, like buying any pre-owned property, knowing what to look for is crucial to ensure you’re getting a good deal. In this guide, we’ll walk you … Continued

Painting Your Mobile Home in Arizona – Professional Tips & Tricks

Painting Your Mobile Home: Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish in Arizona Painting a mobile home in Arizona is a cost-effective way to raise its value and curb appeal. Some experts argue that painting your mobile home before selling can increase its market value by up to 5%. Others say adding a fresh coat of paint … Continued

Notice to Remove Mobile Home from Property in Arizona

What is a notice to remove a mobile home in Arizona? If you have received a “Notice to Remove Mobile Home From Property,” in Arizona it’s important to understand your rights and responsibilities. At Phoenix Mobile Home, we are here to assist you in navigating the process and providing seamless mobile home removal services across … Continued

Upgrading Your Mobile Home’s Insulation In Arizona

Mobile Home Insulation for the Arizona Heat Mobile homes offer millions of Americans affordable housing options. However, they are infamous for their high utility costs and energy inefficiency, particularly when poorly insulated. If you’ve lived in Arizona for a while, you know how extreme its temperatures can be, especially in the southern and northern regions. … Continued

Will Arizona Mobile Home Values in Arizona Appreciate in 2023?

Mobile Home Values in 2023 – Arizona Market Mobile homes are like regular houses but with a twist — they’re built in a factory and transported wherever their owners want them. Close to 20 million Americans live in mobile homes, and in Arizona, they are pretty popular and can be found in mobile home parks or communities. While … Continued

What is my mobile home worth in Arizona?

How to Determine Your Mobile Home’s Worth in Arizona Nestled in the southwestern United States, Arizona is a state of captivating landscapes. From vibrant cities to awe-inspiring natural wonders, the Grand Canyon State offers a unique blend of affordability, thriving job opportunities, abundant sunshine, and a rich cultural history. As a mobile homeowner in Arizona, … Continued

Buying a Mobile Home in a Mobile Home Park in Arizona

Buying a Mobile Home in a Park: What You Need to Know in Arizona A mobile home is a prefabricated structure that can be transported and installed on a permanent or semi-permanent site. These mobile homes are also called manufactured, modular, or trailer homes. They offer an affordable and flexible housing option for many people … Continued
How To Donate Mobile Homes Trailers and Manufactured Homes in Arizona

How To Donate Your Mobile Home in Arizona

Your mobile home has definitely been of help for as long as you remember and has served you through the years as your home. And a question we often come across from mobile home owners has constantly been, “how do I make use of or get rid of my old mobile home?’’
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