Will Arizona Mobile Home Values in Arizona Appreciate in 2023?

Do Mobile Homes Depreciate in Value?

Mobile Home Values in 2023 – Arizona Market

Mobile homes are like regular houses but with a twist — they’re built in a factory and transported wherever their owners want them. Close to 20 million Americans live in mobile homes, and in Arizona, they are pretty popular and can be found in mobile home parks or communities.

While mobile homes are certainly more affordable than a conventional home, it’s not just about finding an affordable place to live. Homeowners, investors, and others involved in real estate are also curious about how mobile home values appreciate and how they hold up over time.

Understanding how mobile home values appreciate can give us insights into planning our finances and making smart investments. Plus, it could even impact how many mobile homes are available in the future. 

Year over Year Change in Mobile Home Price Index Arizona
Year over Year Change in Mobile Home Price Index Arizona

Mobile Homes in America

Mobile homes have been a popular choice for affordable housing in the United States. Mobile home values appreciate as more people may turn to mobile homes as an alternative to traditional houses and apartments.

A study by LendingTree shows that mobile home values appreciate more than traditional homes. Notably, between 2014 and 2019, mobile home values outpaced traditional homes in 27 of the 49 U.S. states, including Arizona. Although most of the data was collected before the pandemic, it shows the return on investment in mobile homes over time.

States With Lowest Price Mobile Homes

Arizona Housing Market Trends

While the Covid-19 pandemic temporarily slowed the Arizona housing market, it has shown a consistent upward trajectory in recent years. According to Zillow, the median home price in Arizona is $409,038 (as of the time of writing). Overall, experts believe that the Arizona housing market will remain competitive in 2023, with most areas experiencing slight fluctuations in property values.

The median price of a mobile home in Arizona is about $74,800. That’s a significant increase of 43.3% over the past five years leading up to 2023. This means that mobile homes in Arizona have been getting more valuable over time. If you’ve owned a mobile home during this period, you might have noticed that mobile home values appreciate over time. It also tells us that there’s been a strong demand for mobile homes in Arizona, which is one of the reasons why their prices have been going up.

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Factors Affecting the Arizona Housing Market

The Arizona housing market is affected by various factors that shape the ever-changing dynamics of the real estate market in the state. Below is why mobile home values might appreciate in Arizona:

  1. Population Growth – Arizona’s appeal lies in its affordable living costs, favorable climate, and robust job market, attracting a rapidly growing population. As more individuals and families relocate to Arizona, the need for affordable housing options will likely intensify, making mobile home values appreciate.
  2. Low-Interest Rates – The decision by the Federal Reserve to maintain low-interest rates has had a notable impact on the housing market. Low-interest rates have played a role in driving up housing demand and influencing the potential appreciation of mobile home values.
  3. Employment Opportunities – Arizona’s thriving economy continues to attract expanding businesses, resulting in a growing job market. As more people get jobs in the state, they require suitable places to live, further fueling the demand for properties, including mobile homes.
  4. Limited Housing Supply – Insufficient housing supply is a key factor contributing to Arizona’s rising median home prices. Limited inventory creates a competitive environment where demand outstrips supply. In such a scenario, affordable housing options like mobile homes become increasingly attractive, and mobile home values appreciate due to increased demand and limited supply.

Arizona’s Economy

Arizona boasts a robust economy but faces rising inflation and escalating housing costs. The concern lies in the fact that wage growth has not kept pace with the increasing cost of housing. In a healthy market, rising prices tend to push buyers out. 

Mortgage rates also play a crucial role, and historically low-interest rates in recent years have spurred home purchases nationwide. Though rate increases could cool down the Arizona real estate market, the persistent supply shortage is expected to outweigh this impact, ensuring mobile home values appreciate well into 2023.

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A Popular Choice for Relocation

Between March and May 2023, 25% of homebuyers across the country expressed their desire to move to a different metropolitan area. Arizona has become popular as an attractive destination among the top five states that captured the interest of homebuyers. Its warm climate, natural beauty, and promising opportunities make it a sought-after place to call home. Other states that made the cut include Florida, Texas, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Supply and Demand Dynamics

If mortgage rates decrease, more people will be interested in buying houses. But in Arizona, there aren’t enough houses for sale, giving sellers the power to ask for higher prices. As supply truffles to meet demand, the sellers have the advantage. They can ask for higher prices because demand outweighs supply.

Because of this shortage, the prices of houses will keep going up in 2023. More people might choose to buy mobile homes as a low-cost housing option because of the limited availability of traditional homes pushing prices upward.

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The Bottomline

Although the housing market is subject to many factors, mobile homeowners should anticipate an appreciation in the blue book value for mobile homes in Arizona throughout 2023. Historically, mobile home values appreciate faster than traditional homes in various states, indicating their potential as an attractive investment option. 

Factors such as limited housing supply, population growth, and a robust economy in Arizona contribute to the demand for affordable housing, including mobile homes. As buyers increasingly seek cost-effective housing alternatives, the upward trend in mobile home prices is expected to continue.

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