What is my mobile home worth in Arizona?

The 7 Factors That Impact the Value of Your Mobile Home in Arizona!

How to Determine Your Mobile Home’s Worth in Arizona

Nestled in the southwestern United States, Arizona is a state of captivating landscapes. From vibrant cities to awe-inspiring natural wonders, the Grand Canyon State offers a unique blend of affordability, thriving job opportunities, abundant sunshine, and a rich cultural history.

As a mobile homeowner in Arizona, you may find yourself wondering, “What is my mobile home worth?” Arizona’s real estate market has undergone many changes over the years, and today, many residents live in manufactured homes. Mobile homes give conventional homes a run for their money because they’re affordable and offer a minimalist modern way of life. Still, the buck doesn’t stop there, and many owners, investors, and prospective buyers of manufactured homes are interested in mobile home worth.

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Mobile Home Prices in Arizona

There are many configurations when it comes to manufactured homes. However, most homes fall into two broad categories — single-wide and double-wide.

Single-wide homes feature a narrow structure and are transported to the mobile park as a single unit. Their compact size and structure are among their best selling points, as they offer many Arizonans a flexible and affordable housing option.

What is my mobile home worth if it’s single-wide?

They typically range between $50,000 and $70,000 for a 2-bedroom house. Other amenities and design options, including the number of bathrooms and floor plan, can push the price up to about $109,000.

Single Wide Mobile Home in Arizona
Single Wide Mobile Home in Arizona – What’s my mobile home worth in AZ?

What is my mobile home worth if it’s double-wide?

Double-wide homes are larger and constructed by joining two separate sections. They usually cost up to $200,000, although many homes fall between $120,000 and $150,000.

What is My Double Wide Mobile Home Worth in Arizona?

How much is a used mobile home worth?

Determining the mobile home worth of used homes is not as straightforward as the case of new homes.

If you’re asking yourself, “What is my mobile home worth in Arizona?” several factors come into play, including location, external condition, and size. In parts of the state like Prescott and Flagstaff, you can find used homes for about $150,000 for 2-bedroom options. A 3-bedroom in Tucson is about $230,000, and over on Lumbar Road, it should set you back about $250,000.

How Much Is Your Mobile Home Really Worth?

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Factors Influencing the Price of Mobile Homes

Your manufactured home’s worth will mostly depend on the price that a buyer is willing to pay. But every potential buyer is different. One buyer may like the community that your home is located, while another buyer may enjoy the view from the back porch. The factors that influence the value of your home are unique, and each has its effect. They include:


The location of a mobile home within Arizona can greatly impact its value. The price may increase if your mobile home is in a desirable neighborhood or area with stunning views. For instance, a 4-bedroom mobile home worth $375,000 in Chino Valley is currently listed at $375,000 on Zillow. Access to amenities, schools, employment opportunities, and transportation infrastructure can also influence your mobile home’s value.

Condition and Age

Well-maintained and updated homes generally have higher values than those in poor condition. In some cases, older manufactured homes may have a vintage charm, which may have a nostalgic appeal to some buyers. On the other hand, newer models often come with modern features, upgraded systems, and energy-efficient fittings that could attract a higher price tag.

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Mobile Home Community

Social activities, common interests, shared amenities, and a friendly atmosphere can elevate the appeal of mobile home communities, making them prime destinations for potential buyers. Secure, well-managed, and maintained mobile home parks with desirable amenities (e.g., pools, clubhouse, security) may increase your mobile home’s worth within the community.

Size and Features

A spacious layout with ample living space, bedrooms, and bathrooms maintains its value and is always a good sell. Additional features like upgraded kitchens, bathrooms, basements, garages and flooring, or energy-efficient appliances can also increase the value.

Real Estate Market Conditions

As you embark on selling your mobile home, one of the first questions you may ask is, “What is my mobile home worth to potential buyers?” Like any real estate, market conditions, including supply and demand dynamics, interest rates, and economic factors, can influence the worth of your mobile home. During high demand and limited supply periods, prices may go up. Currently, there is a shortage of affordable housing in Arizona, and more people are considering manufactured homes, which could prop up their prices.

Land Ownership

Land value is one of the main factors affecting home prices in Arizona and the rest of the country. If the homeowner also owns the land or has a long-term lease, the value may be higher than homes in leased land communities where homeowners pay rent.

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Regulations and State Policies

Restrictions imposed by regulations and zoning can affect your mobile home’s worth. In some cases, limitations on where mobile homes can be placed may create higher demand in certain areas, driving up their value.

Tips to Increase Your Mobile Home’s Worth

Like traditional stick-built houses, modular homes can gain value through strategic upgrades. However, spending wisely on upgrades that add value for future home buyers rather than just aesthetic preferences is important. Here are some practical ways to enhance the value of your mobile home:

  • Enhance Curb Appeal – When you’re looking to upgrade to a newer model, it’s natural to ask yourself, “What is my current mobile home worth in comparison?” Making a great first impression is vital, especially if you plan to sell. Consider replacing worn skirting and old siding, adding a new porch, and sprucing up the landscaping.
  • Add a Fresh Coat of Paint – Applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior can help conceal cosmetic flaws that may have accumulated over time. Opt for attractive neutral colors like gray or blue that appeal to many buyers.
  • Enhance Energy Efficiency – Upgrading to energy-efficient features can appeal to buyers and save on utility costs. Older modular homes often lack energy-efficient features, so consider replacing doors and windows with more efficient options and adding insulation.
  • Low-Cost Upgrades and Interior Finishes – Simple upgrades can make a noticeable difference without breaking the bank. Consider upgrading appliances for improved comfort and energy efficiency.

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