Painting Your Mobile Home in Arizona – Professional Tips & Tricks

Painting Your Mobile Home: Tips and Tricks for a Professional Finish in Arizona

Painting a mobile home in Arizona is a cost-effective way to raise its value and curb appeal. Some experts argue that painting your mobile home before selling can increase its market value by up to 5%. Others say adding a fresh coat of paint has a guaranteed net ROI of 152%.

A professional paint job can do wonders for your mobile home’s appeal, whether you plan to sell it soon or just want to give it a facelift. Read on to understand how to go about painting your mobile home exteriors and interiors, its importance, and discover a few painting ideas.

This article also discusses selecting the best coatings for mobile homes.

Why Should You Paint Your Arizona Mobile Home?

Understanding the value of a professional paint job for your mobile home is crucial before beginning the painting process. Having your house professionally painted will not only make it look better but also protect it from harsh climates. Houses with freshly painted interiors and exteriors sell faster and for higher prices.

Painting The Interior Of A Mobile Home In Arizona

The Process

Choosing the Right Colors

The appropriate choice of paint colors and finishes can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your Arizona mobile home. Consider the following while choosing paint colors:

  • Exteriors Color Schemes: Choose hues that accentuate the surroundings and fit well with the setting. Neutral colors like beige, gray, and white are often used for their classic and uncluttered appearance.
  • Highlight Colors: Using accent colors for doors, shutters, and trim is a great way to spice up a space. Colors like red, blue, and black pop out sharply on a neutral background.
Color Scheme Palette For Painting A Mobile Home


It’s important to plan and set everything up before you start painting your mobile home. Follow these steps:

  • Cleaning: Pressure-wash your home’s walls to get rid of dust and dirt buildup that might interfere with the paint’s coverage. Experts recommend working your way from the top to the bottom.
  • Surface Inspection: Identify and repair damaged stucco, metal, masonry, or wood surfaces and apply epoxy fillets to cracks. Next, use medium-grit sanding blocks to smoothen these surfaces and remove loose paint. The smoother your walls are, the better the paint will stick.
  • Surface Protection: Cover surfaces that don’t need painting using sheeting and painter’s tape. Doing so ensures you don’t stain them with the paint.

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Selecting the Right Paint

When selecting paint, getting a professional look that can last in Arizona’s hot and dry climate requires careful consideration. Consider:

  • Exterior Paint: Pick a high-quality exterior paint designed to withstand the harsh elements mobile homes experience. Choose products that don’t fade, break, or peel easily. Adhesion and durability are also important.
  • Color Choice: Select paint hues that go well with your mobile home’s design and the outdoors. Lighter colors are better at reflecting light and reducing heat absorption.
  • Finish: Choose from a matte, satin, or semi-gloss sheen to suit your taste and style. While glossy coatings last longer, flat finishes are more forgiving of wear and tear.

Painting Techniques

Use the following techniques when painting a mobile home in Arizona:

  • Proper Tools: Get professional-grade paintbrushes, rollers, and sprayers for a smoother, neater finish. Paint sprayers can be useful for applying paint evenly on big, smooth surfaces.
  • Priming: Using a primer before the topcoat to bare or previously unpainted surfaces of a mobile home will improve paint adhesion and increase their durability
  • Even Application: Use even sweeping strokes to paint the room from ceiling to floor. Focus on finishing touches like seams and angling edges. Keep your hand steady and apply an even coat of paint.
  • Multiple Coats: Apply multiple thin layers of paint instead of a single heavy layer. This allows for a more polished and long-lasting drying process, free of drips and runs.

Exterior Painting Tips

Mobile home exterior painting demands meticulous attention to detail:

  • Take the Weather into Account: Arizona’s extreme weather conditions necessitate using UV- and high-temperature-resistant paints.
  • Sectional Painting: Section your mobile home and paint the portions individually to ensure uniform coverage and conceal any brush strokes.
  • Pay Attention to Trim: Focus on the details, especially the accents and trims. Your mobile home’s curb appeal can be improved with freshly painted trim.
  • The Roof: If necessary, consider applying reflective coatings to the roof to reduce heat absorption.

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How to Paint Mobile Home Cabinets

The initial phase in painting your mobile home cabinets is selecting the right primer and paint. Applying a coat of latex paint to the cabinets will provide a speedy drying time. Use oil-based top coats for longer-lasting and smoother results. Once you’ve settled on the paint, proceed as follows:

  • Prep the room by emptying the cabinets, masking the surrounding wall, tapping the neighboring countertops, and relocating furniture to other rooms.
  • Remove the doors, drawers, and shelves.
  • Clean the cabinet boxes using degreaser solutions.
  • Prime, sand, caulk, and fill the cabinet boxes.
  • Paint the cabinet boxes, drawers, doors, and shelves.
  • Let the pieces dry up and refit them.

Mobile Home Exterior Paint Ideas

Are you planning on painting a mobile home in Arizona? Here are a few concepts to spark your creativity.

Best Single Wide Mobile Home Exterior Paint Colors

Simplicity always works best for smaller mobile homes. Common color schemes you can try out when painting a mobile home in Arizona include:

  • Warm Gray + Red + Black
  • Cocoa + Olive + Off-White + Russet
  • Iron Gray + Arctic White
  • Light Gray + Copper + Beige
  • White + Black + Gray

Best Double Wide Mobile Home Exterior Paint Colors

Use the following color schemes to give your double-wide mobile home a towering look:

  • Country Blue + White + Black
  • White + Aquamarine + Tangerine
  • Taupe + Camel + Periwinkle Blue + Eggplant
  • Olive + Terra + Celery + Ivy + Cream
  • Brick Red + Brown + Gingerbread Orange
  • Stormy Gray + Bright White + Paprika Red


Investing in a fresh coat of paint for your Arizona mobile home is a smart way to increase its value and appeal. By following the above tips and techniques, you can transform the interior and exterior of your mobile home and achieve a professional finish.

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