How To Dispose a Mobile Home in Arizona

Disposing Mobile Homes in Arizona

Arizona’s median home cost is 20% higher than the national median price. The high prices have forced some Arizona residents to seek other options, such as mobile homes. Mobile homes are long-lasting but will eventually become too old. Here is what you need to know about how to dispose of old mobile homes in Arizona.

Challenges of Mobile Home Disposal in Arizona

You need a permit to dispose of a mobile home in Arizona. However, the process of getting the permit is complicated and can take several weeks.

If you decide to do the disposal yourself, you may not have the skills or equipment to dispose of the mobile unit properly. Consequently, you may deposit harmful or hazardous materials on your land or parking lot.

How to Dispose of a Mobile Home

How to Dispose of a Mobile Home

Here are ways you can dispose of your old mobile home.

Deconstruct the Mobile Home

The first option is to obtain quotes from mobile home deconstruction companies. The right contractor will help you to get the necessary deconstruction permits.

Once you have agreed on the fees, the deconstruction company will disassemble the mobile home piece by piece. During the process, the contractor will identify and put salvageable materials aside. You can sell many of the salvaged materials to offset the cost of deconstruction.

Deconstructing A Mobile Home In Arizona


Another disposal strategy is to relocate the mobile home to a disposal site. A moving company will inspect the mobile home and determine if you can safely move it.

Before the relocation, switch off every utility in the mobile home, including gas, water, and electricity. Also, disconnect the various lines such as the telephone, television, and cable.

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Other things you can do include:

  • Use a winter seal to protect the pipes if relocating in winter.
  • Switch off the heater or cooler.
  • Get out valuable and fragile items from the home’s interior. The moving company will confirm whether removing everything is necessary.
  • Detach external features, such as decorative hangings and awnings, and install them in your new mobile home.
  • Bolt the windows and doors to prevent pieces from falling off while in transit.

Relocating your mobile home also requires a moving permit from the county or state. You must prove that you have no liens for unpaid taxes before getting a moving permit.

Movers can transport single-section homes in one piece. However, the movers have to take apart double or triple-section homes for easy transportation. Trying to relocate a double or triple-section house is hazardous and can cause accidents on the road.

Movers typically use a crane to lift a mobile home onto a trailer. They will then fasten and secure the house on the trailer. Once the trailer reaches the intended disposal location, the movers will use a mobile crane to lift off the home on the trailer.

Various factors will affect the relocation cost. For instance, permits, labor, and long moving distances can increase the moving cost.

Sell Your Mobile Home

If you own the land beneath the mobile home, selling a mobile home is not different from selling a traditional property. But if you don’t own the land, then you will just sell the mobile home itself. While land appreciates, mobile homes will depreciate over time. Therefore, your selling price will be way lower than the original price of the mobile home.

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Start by hiring a professional appraiser to determine the value of the home. Then, hire a professional real estate agent who specializes in mobile phones. You can also advertise the mobile home yourself to save costs, but this will take longer to sell the home.

When selling the mobile home, clearly indicate the pitch fees and type of occupation allowed. Potential buyers should also be aware of management charges, ground rent, and any other leasehold charges associated with a mobile home.

The site owner where the mobile home is located might also demand a commission to facilitate the transfer of ownership. Usually, the commission is a percentage of the home’s selling price.

Donate Your Mobile Home

Donating your mobile home to a charitable organization is a selfless gesture. Charities can use old mobile homes to help families in need or sell them to raise funds for charities for activities. While you won’t receive monetary compensation, you can get a tax write-off. However, you must get an appraisal if the home’s value exceeds $500.

Before donating the home, you must clear any outstanding mortgages, back taxes, and liens owed on your home. That is because charities can only accept a mobile home with a clean title. Lenders will only release the title to a mobile home after clearing back taxes, mortgages, and liens.

Charity organizations will also want to know the date of the manufacturing model and the type of your home. You can find this information in a document called a data plate. Check the mobile home’s electrical panel, bedroom closet, and kitchen cabinet for the document.

The data plate also provides other essential information, such as the model number and manufacturing plant. If you need help locating the documents, contact the financing firm that financed the purchase of your mobile home or the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

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It also helps if you repair your mobile home before donating it. Otherwise, the charity organization or recipient may have to spend more money to make the home functional. If everything is in order, arrange for the charity organization to move the mobile home from its current site to a new location. Also, transfer ownership of the home to the charity organization.

Remember to get a receipt for your donation. The receipt will help you claim deductions on your next tax filing.

Contact the local fire department if you can’t find a charitable organization nearby. The fire department can use your mobile phone as a practice building. However, this can only work if the home is away from other buildings and in an isolated area. Also, you may have to dispose of any remaining frame and metal.

Sell as Scrap Metal

Nearby metal scrap yards can extract scrap metal from your mobile homes. Mobile homes contain valuable metals such as steel, aluminum, and copper. You can even give away the mobile home to the scrapyard in exchange for free mobile home removal services.

Work With a Professional Company

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