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Need To Sell Your Mobile Home In Prescott AZ?

We buy mobile homes in ANY condition. No realtors, no repairs & do not worry about cleaning. Get Your No-Obligation All Cash Offer Started Below!

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Sell my Mobile Home fast Owners Prescott

We Buy Mobile Homes In Prescott!
“Sell My Mobile Home For Cash”

Looking to sell your mobile home? We buy as-is!
Looking to sell your mobile home for cash? We’ll make a cash offer!

Learn how our process works and sell right away!

we buy houses for cash Prescott

There are many reasons to sell a mobile home, and sometimes you need to sell them fast. Moving to a dream home, selling for a loved one, finding a place in a different price range, divorce, tenants trashing the house, and moving to another area are all reasons we hear. We dedicate ourselves to helping homeowners sell their trailers quickly without having to worry about a realtor or the curb appeal of your house.

sell my mobile home fast Prescott
Sell My Mobile Home Fast Prescott
selling my mobile home in Prescott
We Buy Mobile Homes as is Prescott
Cash Mobile Home Buyer Prescott

Phoenix Mobile Homes buys trailers in communities across the US. We get excited to help homeowners sell their houses quickly, regardless of the lot rent or condition of the trailer. We are the company that buys mobile homes for cash, fast. We even buy land and will make you a fair cash offer.

At Phoenix Mobile Homes, we:

  • Buy houses in almost any condition, including used mobile homes, trailers that need repair, and junk mobile homes.
  • Make the process convenient and fast for those needing cash now. Sell fast!
  • Don’t charge hidden commissions or extra fees. Sell and save!

Skip the agent. We pay cash for mobile homes and land.

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We Buy Mobile Homes Cash Prescott
we buy mobile homes Prescott
We Buy Mobile Homes - Trust
Cash For Mobile Homes Reviews Prescott

We Buy Used Mobile Homes In Prescott Regardless Of Your Situation!

Everyone is in a different place and a unique position in their life. The reason you’re looking to sell your house may be unlike anyone else’s situation, but some of the common scenarios we see are:

We Buy Ugly Mobile Homes Cash Prescott Too Many Repairs Needed

Are repairs piling up? Instead of financing repairs, sell the house as-is to avoid the hassle.

we buy mobile homes for cash Prescott Avoiding foreclosure

If you’re behind on your mortgage payments, can’t afford monthly payments, or have liens on your home, sell your trailer to us to stop the proceedings.

We Buy Mobile Homes As is Prescott Trailer Needs to Be Removed from Your Land

You have an old trailer that needs to be removed from your property to make improvements. Our buyers can give you a fair cash offer and haul it away. Sell without hassles!

We Buy ugly mobile homes Near Me Prescott Inherited your mobile home

If you inherited a mobile home and don’t want it, we’ll buy it for a fair price. Sell with ease!

we buy mobile homes for cash near me Prescott Eviction from a Park

If you’re facing eviction, we’ll buy and remove your single-wide or double-wide trailer. Sell without stress!

how to sell my mobile home Prescott Real Estate Agent Won’t List the Home

Realtors may lack interest in your home. They may not have time to find buyers, and they may not make a large commission and just pass on the opportunity. Sell fast with us!

How Do I Sell My Mobile Home Fast For Cash In Prescott?

Every day, we get asked, “How can I sell my home for cash?” We let our clients know that we have a simple solution. You can sell in three easy steps. No more waiting for a buyer or a reasonable offer. No more sale signs. No hassle. Just sell your house fast and trouble-free. So, how do we do it?

Step 1

Contact Us!

how do I sell my mobile home fast in Prescott?

Call or fill out our contact form to sell your house fast!

Step 2

Get Your Offer!

how to sell my mobile home Prescott

We’ll do our research and present you with an offer at a fair market price.

Step 3

Get Paid!

sell my mobile home fast Prescott

We buy your house. You get paid. We can close in as little as two days.

Cash Mobile Home Buyer Prescott

We Buy Mobile Homes For Cash In Prescott

NO Repairs

Dealing with contractors is frustrating. They ask questions to fix the damage, which usually stresses you out. We buy your mobile home as-is, and we pay cash!

NO Agents or Real Estate Process

Traditional agents list your house, show it to potential buyers, and wait for a buyer. Because of the low commission and time involved, realtors don’t rush to sell trailers. Sell your manufactured home to us and avoid the hassle. You can sell fast!

NO Uncertainties

Waiting for a buyer is uncertain. You could lose a buyer or finance. Does the trailer pass inspection? Sell to us to ensure you’ll get cash at closing without problems.

How Do I Sell My Manufactured Home For Cash Prescott?

We buy fast using a straightforward approach. We ask if it’s on your land or in a trailer park. Based on local listings, repairs needed to fix or renovate the house, and other factors, we make a cash offer.

Our as-is estimates are usually well received, especially if they need expensive repairs. We give you a plan and options to close when you’re ready. And the process is kept easy and professional. No title difficulties, inspections, hidden costs, investors, or hassles! You get cash fast and on your schedule. We’ve assisted homeowners in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Glendale, Prescott, and Arizona. Call us if you’re in Arizona and need a fast cash offer!

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Sell Your Trailer In Prescott The Simple Way

sell my mobile home quickly Prescott

Sell Without Real Estate Agent

Agents charge commissions, adding up to a good bit of cash from your sale. We don’t use real estate agents, so your property isn’t listed for sale. We don’t work in commission or slip in hidden fees. We simply give you the cash at closing!

sell my mobile home Prescott

Sell on Your Timeline

We can close in two business days or on your schedule. There’s no obligation to follow our timeline. We provide options that fit your terms. We’ll be ready with cash whenever you are ready.

Sell my mobile home fast Prescott

Fast Mobile Home Sales

We never need to worry about waiting for a bank for financing. We pay you cash, fast, and can buy your house in as few as two days.

sale my mobile home fast for cash Prescott

Best Possible Cash Offer

We research your house, discovering lot fees and needed repairs. This puts us in a position to offer you the best cash value. We’re always up to date on the latest market conditions and look to give you an honest offer that meets your needs and ours.

sell my mobile home near me

No Need to Clean

It doesn’t matter to us whether you have your manufactured house cleaned professionally or not. We promise to buy as is, which means you don’t have to clean if you don’t want to.

sell my mobile home for cash Prescott

Sell Without Repairing

Repairing a house gets costly. With us, you don’t need to fix anything. We buy your trailer as-is, so you don’t spend any time or money on repairs.

Advantages Of Getting Cash For Mobile Homes Prescott

You’ve probably seen or heard of desperate people who will sell their houses for anything to earn cash.

That’s not you. You aren’t desperate. You weigh your options and make intelligent choices. You want a reasonable price for your manufactured house but are willing to take less to avoid cleaning, repairing, and working with an agent. But you don’t want just to give away your house for nothing.

We don’t expect you to. We won’t lowball or waste your time. We’ll be honest and fair. You can decide if we’re a good match by hearing our offer range over the phone. If you’re interested in this process or want to learn more, fill out our form to get started!

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Areas We Buy Mobile Homes In Prescott

Phoenix Mobile Home has been helping people sell mobile homes fast all over Prescott, Arizona.

Our simple selling experience has helped mobile homeowners in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Glendale, Prescott, and all over Arizona. If you think we could help you, don’t hesitate to give us a call and see if a cash offer is what is suitable for your Prescott home.

Sell My House Cash Prescott

Apache Junction
Camp Verde
Casa Grande
Chino Valley
El Mirage

Buy My House Fast Prescott


Cash Home Buyers Prescott

Prescott Valley
Queen Creek
San Tan Valley
Sierra Vista

We Buy Junk Mobile Homes In Prescott Too…

When we say, “We Buy Mobile Homes As IS,” we mean, AS IS, in ANY condition! Take what you want & leave the rest, when you sell your home to Phoenix Mobile Home LLC! Yes, that is correct, food in the fridge, dirt on the floor, trash everywhere, it doesn’t matter how bad it is!

sale my mobile home fast for cash Prescott
sale my mobile home fast for cash Prescott

Selling A Mobile Home In Prescott FAQs

“I want to sell my mobile home, fast, for cash.” That is a common thought for many, but you may want more detail and clarification on the process. Here are some FAQs to get you started. 

Can I Sell My Manufactured Home Without Selling the Land?

If you own a home and it needs to be taken off of the land it is currently on, our team can help you. We can work through transferring the property ownership, getting you cash, and removing the trailer from the property. You do not need to worry about the removal — we take care of it. 

Can You Buy My Mobile Home with Land?

Yes. We buy homes in mobile home parks and on your land. Call us to learn how to get a cash offer for your home.


How Much Will My Mobile Home Sell For?

The cash offer we make on your home depends on several things, including the age of the home, the condition, the size, the area it is located in, and a few other things. If you are interested in learning more, fill out our quick and easy form to get an online quote.

Does Phoenix Mobile Homes Only Buy Junk Homes?

We do buy “junk” mobile homes. We buy lovely mobile homes as well. We buy manufactured houses in any condition. Call us for your cash offer if you want to sell a manufactured house.

The Simplest Way to Sell Your Manufactured Home In Prescott

We have the ultimate mobile home selling solution. We’ll give you a reasonable cash offer for your manufactured house without the headaches of selling. No realtor or Facebook listings. No cleaning, fixing, trash removal, or home showing. No lengthy contracts or obligations.

We help homeowners get cash fast by buying their properties. We will buy your home regardless of its age or condition.

Phoenix Mobile Homes take pride in providing fast and excellent customer service. We make it easy to sell your home. We will walk you through the procedure and make a fast and fair cash offer. Please fill out our short questionnaire to receive a fair cash offer for your manufactured house. If you accept, title sales can close in two business days. The fast and straightforward process gets you the cash you need immediately for your next buy.

Cash Mobile Home Buyers Prescott Cash For My Mobile Home Prescott We Buy Mobile Homes Prescott Sell My Mobile Home For Cash Prescott Sell My Mobile Home fast Prescott

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