How To Replace Mobile Home Flooring in Arizona: Step by Step Guide

Replace The Flooring In Your Arizona Mobile Home

If the floor in your mobile home is sagging, you’ll want to take action as soon as possible. After all, this kind of damage could be hazardous, and if left unchecked, it could lead to bigger issues, such as water infiltration or pest problems. So, what do you need to know if you want to learn how to replace the flooring in your mobile home in Arizona?

Sizing up the Job

The first thing to understand is that the floor of your mobile home in Arizona may be set out in several layers. Typically, the upper layers are less prone to damage or degradation, and you can likely trace the issues to the subfloor (the layer that rests directly on the joist). This part of the floor is under the most strain and supports everything above it.

If your mobile home is older, don’t be surprised if the subfloor is made from particle board. Unfortunately, it’s not the best solution, as the subfloor is susceptible to dampness. After all, if it’s not properly treated, it may warp and even rot.

Later models may feature oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood with a protective moisture barrier. Occasionally, dampness may still penetrate; if this has happened in your mobile home in Arizona, you would still need to replace this subflooring material.

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Should You Repair or Replace?

You may wonder whether it is possible to repair the damage rather than opting for a completely new subfloor. However, this may not be well spent — while you may get short-term relief, you may have to spend even more to replace the entire subfloor of your mobile home.

What Could It Cost to Replace the Floor in Your Mobile Home?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the cost, as the result will depend on the extent of the damage. For example, some of the joists below may need further attention. The cost of materials can also vary from place to place, so you should check with your local supply center once you’ve revealed the full extent of the job.

Should You DIY?

It’s certainly possible to do this yourself if you’re relatively handy and have the tools available. However, understand that this is a significant job and will lead to quite a lot of disruption. Many people choose to bring in professionals who can better gauge the amount of time required and overall cost. This will allow you to make plans should you need to arrange temporary accommodation while the work is going on.

How to Replace the Floor in a Mobile Home Using the Right Tools and Materials

If you plan to do this yourself, you’ll need to get the right tools in place, together with a sufficient amount of material.

Required Tools and Materials

You’ll need a hammer, scraper, blade, pry bar, and circular saw. You’ll also need to get some lumber once you’ve carefully measured the property’s perimeter. You’ll require some liquid nail adhesive and galvanized screws to join everything together. When it comes to the flooring material, you can choose different types for individual parts of the floor (such as the kitchen or bathroom).

How to Replace a Mobile Home Floor

When you’ve gathered all the materials and tools together, follow this step-by-step process to replace the flooring in your Arizona mobile home :

Removing the Layers

Start by removing any layers on top of the subfloor. These will include any trim, finished flooring, and floor covering. You’ll then be able to check for the presence of any leaks, and if you find them, make sure that you stem those first before proceeding.

Dealing with Leaks

Leaks can often be traced back to issues below windows or the roof itself. Tiny cracks may allow water to come in, and gravity will take care of the rest. You may also find that underfloor pipes have pinhole leaks, and you may need to bring in a plumber to sort those out.

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Removing the Subfloor

Once you’re happy that the leaks have been taken care of, you can get ready to remove the subfloor. You may need the circular saw for this work. Be careful not to damage the joists, and stay away from the external walls as you cut. Once you remove the larger portions, work carefully around the joists and walls with a knife or a smaller device. You may have to cut out some of the subfloor underneath an exterior wall, but only if that portion is damaged.

Removing The Subflooring in Your Arizona Mobile Home
Removing The Subflooring in Your Arizona Mobile Home

Looking at the Joists

Carefully inspect the condition of the joists once you can see everything clearly. If there is evidence of damage or you can penetrate the surface of the joist easily, you may have to replace part or all of any individual joist. To do this, you’ll need the highest quality lumber, but joist replacement will certainly increase the difficulty level of the entire job.

Introducing Insulation

Before you can add any new subfloor, you may want to install insulation. Certainly, this may be an additional cost, but it should pay dividends in the future as you can reduce your heating or cooling bill accordingly.

Adding the Subfloor

To add the subflooring, begin at the perimeter and work inwards. Lay the lumber around the edge for support and additional lumber between the main joists. Once these pieces of lumber are securely in place, you can nail down the subflooring or glue it in place.

Turning to the Floor Covering

Finally, you can add a new floor covering, whether that’s vinyl, tile, engineered wood, or laminate.

How to Replace a Bathroom Floor in a Mobile Home in Arizona

You may choose to upgrade the subfloor in the area beneath your bathroom, toilet, or kitchen. For this, you may want to select “marine grade” plywood, which has an inbuilt waterproofing element. In this case, the floor can better deal with any leakage should it happen.

Replacing the Bathroom Flooring in Your Arizona Mobile Home
Replacing the Bathroom Flooring in Your Arizona Mobile Home

Deciding What to Do Next

As you search for information about how to replace a rotting floor for your mobile home in Arizona, you may realize that it’s not necessarily going to be an easy task. However, the longer you leave it, the more problems may arise. Some people will choose to bring in a contractor, while others may reveal the full extent of the damage before deciding what to do next.

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